MILEY is Sugar Gorgeous


Miley Cyrus recently done an interview for Sugar magazine, and she is their gorgeous cover girl.

Can we call you ‘Smiley‘? ‘Sure thing! All my friends do. We all have nicknames. [Pointing at her entourage. That’s pickle over there. We call her that because she smells likes pickles.’

Your boyfriend Justin is pretty fit.. ‘Í love that word, ‘fit’! We don’t say it. I’d say he’s smokin’ hot. My dad introduced us. They’ve worked together and we got to be really good friends and then we totally feel for each other. ‘

Where do you go with friends? ‘We play music, or shop, I love to shop. I’m at Asley Tisdale’s house a lot. We’ve been friend since I was 11 and she lives in my neighborhood, so we’re always chilling out in front of the TV together.’

Did Vanessa and Zac make out on the High School Musical 2 set? ‘No, they’re totally professional. They save that to gross us out when we hang out. They’re totally cute and they’re the most beautiful couple ever. So we all hate them, obviously.’


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