Jonas, Lovato AND Gomez Summer Tour!?


From J-14: ‘Last year, Demi opened for her Camp Rock costars, the Jonas Brothers, during their sweet summer tour.After Selena visited Demi on the road, the BFFs came up with idea of touring together!

Just as rockin’ is their source’s prediction of a Selena, Demi and Jonas dream tour! Talk about awesome, no long distance issue for Sel and Nick to deal with, plus an amazing show for us!’

Would YOU support a Jonas, Lovato and Gomez tour? Maybe JEMI could finally get together?


One Response to “Jonas, Lovato AND Gomez Summer Tour!?”

  1. I just love that picture its so beautiful. And just to let you all know I will go to your Concerts. I will actually be going to one of my favorite stars concert and it will be my first concert ever I am going to Demi Lovato”s concert. And Demi I tried to get front row but i didnt all i got was on the side and a litttle bump and im the six row. I hope you get off the stage and come to the people and touch their hands and next concert i hope you’ll be doing backstage passes cause id kill to get a front row and backstage. Well gtg talk to you soon. Bye :-]

    Love: Melanie Diaz

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